Building Trends in the Bay Area

If you are building a home in the Bay Area, you want to keep an eye on emerging trends. But you also want to steer your own course. There are four exciting residential construction trends that should stand the test of time.

1.       Improve energy efficiency


There are a million and one strategies to improve energy efficiency, such as: Constructing low water toilets; improving your HVAC maintenance; installing solar panels on your roof; upgrading your doors and windows; installing programmable thermostats.

2.       Welcoming the Sun


Outdoor kitchen and living areas, such as glass and conservatories, are all the rage these days, perhaps in part because Californians are recognizing how important it is to get regular amounts of safe sunlight. In addition to creating outdoor spaces, many homeowners are installing sheer blinds, skylight, sky tubes, and more windows.

3.       Toxin-free homes


The Bay Area is one of the epicenters of the green “all natural” movement- and has been for over 50 years. Builders notice they are using more environmentally-friendly materials, such as carpets that emit fewer volatile organic compounds; low degassing paints; toxin-free flooring and other materials.

4.       Automatic Controls


Homeowners can now control heating, air conditioning, security systems, TV and video, lights, and other systems using simple devices, like iPads. If you build with home automation in mind, you can find neat design solutions and pre-wire your house for best practices.