Are you Ready for the Holidays?

Are you ready for Christmas? People get asked this question several times a day during the holidays. Especially when they are weeks away.

We run around from store to store and go to Christmas parties and the bakers are busy in the kitchen preparing cookies, cakes and candy.

While you are working to make the season merry for your own family, take a minute to slow down and think about the moms and dads, grandmoms and granddads, who cant even think about buying Christmas gifts. There are bills to pay and groceries and gas to buy. They are working two or three jobs to afford the necessities. To them, it doesn’t matter what the calendar says, they will not be ready for Christmas.

I am going to write a list of places where you can donate this holiday season.

1.          Sacred Hearts

2.          Second Harvest Food Bank

3.          This is a list of the majority of places where you and me can donate this holiday found on KTVU


…..And of course Intero is collecting canned foods and jackets this holiday season. If you would like to donate a jacket or food, you can drop it off right here in Willow Glen Intero at 1567 Meridian Way, San Jose 95125.


Happy and Safe Holidays this Season!


happy holidays